Saturday, August 2, 2014

#5things I Like about Teaching in a Small Town

I was just reading some tweets about teachers who are just now finding out their courses for this coming school year and I was reminded again of the benefits of teaching in a small town/school.  So it inspired this post!  In no particular order, #5things I Like about Teaching in a Small Town:

1.  I know my schedule before summer starts
Pretty much my schedule stays the same from year to year unless I advocate for it to change.  Which is fairly easy because in order to rearrange math classes I only need to get two other math teachers and the principal or the counselor together in order to suggest and possibly implement a change.  Otherwise things stay the same and I know what to expect.

2.  I can talk to the 8th grade math teacher...whenever
If I have a question about my students prior experiences I can email, call, or stop by and visit the 8th grade math teacher easily.  She is always open to discussing how to help our students best transition.

3.  I can walk to school
I get to live just a few blocks from the school (thanks to my in-laws who we rent from).  So it is an easy walk to and from school each day.  Much preferred over the hour drive I did before we moved to town.

4.  I get to really know people
I get to know my students and the other teachers really well.  I have already had interactions with many students who will be in my class in the upcoming year.  And the more years I spend in the same district, the more I get to know my students' families, too.

5.  My principal is always there
If I need something or want to pass something by, I can always find her.  She is supportive and aware of what is going on in every classroom.  She works hard to do a "walk-through" everyday.  It is nice to have that kind of support!


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