The Project

This blog started as a result of a wonderful project my local AEA has organized.  This page is dedicated to organizing my reflections and related thoughts.

Brief Overview:  Green Hills AEA has brought together mathematics and special education teachers within our region to restructure Algebra 1 to address the issues we are currently facing.  We have a huge gap in performance between IEP and non-IEP students, we have a state requirement to implement RTI at a time and place where everyone is clueless as to what that even means (especially in a high school mathematics setting), we have a traditional system that is resistant to change in both instruction and assessment, limited funding, and districts with 1-2 mathematics teachers (providing them extremely limited collaboration opportunities).  All of these problems will be addressed in this Action-Research Project, lead by our brave AEA math team.

Here is the basic plan (three-part):

  1. Instruction:  Given in tiers for 3 different levels of student needs
  2. Assessment:  Based off of Standards
  3. Curriculum:  Iowa Core Standards
I will try to expand on each of these as I blog.

I cannot contain my excitement for this project.  What a great opportunity for us as teachers to get to collaborate to work toward improving the experiences for our students.  

This blog will share an Algebra teacher's perspective of the journey that this project will be.  No one has all the answers, but our goal is to improve the instruction and assessment of all students in Algebra.

Posts Specific to the Project (in the order they first appeared on the blog):

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  1. I like what you're doing here Kathryn, I'm a homeschool mom with a 14 y.o. who says she hates math. She's rather good at it but does not like to take the time necessary to complete the assignments. She's beginning Algebra 1 this week having just completed Saxon Alegbra 1/2. I'd like to follow along as you teach. I feel very lucky to have found you!