Thursday, May 29, 2014

Plans for June

I have a few students coming in June to make up some work from second semester.  I hope this works out well, but I am nervous.  I need to have a plan, however, so that this time is productive for them.  Here is a basic outline:

Week 1 (June 2, 4, 5):  Solving Linear Equations

Week 2 (June 9, 11, 12):  Solving Systems of Equations

Week 3 (June 16, 18, 19):  Exponents and Radicals

Week 4 (June 23, 25, 26):  Polynomials

June 30:  FINISH

These are all things that we did second semester, but these students who are coming in June were not successful on.  Hopefully I will be able to help them be more successful this time around (and hopefully they will be more motivated to be successful).  Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into...



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