Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bulletin Board Calendar

I had seen many various of this on pinterest and blogs, and I finally figured out something that works well enough for me.  Well enough for a semester at least!  I wanted to make sure that handouts were easily accessible and that students could see what they might have missed other than a handout.

So here is my bulletin board about a week ago:

I have a folder for each day of the week and I taped a 1/2 page of transparency to the front.  This way I can write a brief description of what happened in class AND include any handouts all in one go.

Up close for a day with a handout:

Up close for a day without a handout (they can tell there is still something they need to make-up):

Students who are chronically absent like this because they know how to take care of their work.  Students who are rarely absent are just figuring the system out now.  But I don't mind because it is easy to manage.  On Friday when students who were absent Thursday didn't have the paper they needed for their notes I could easily say "It's in the Thursday folder." and they can figure the rest out themselves.  It doesn't take up my time for them to get what they need.

I plan to modify slightly for next year, but I haven't finalized what I want.  The transparency won't last all year and for small pieces of paper (as often happens with interactive notebooks) the folders are no good.  I was thinking about getting the folders laminated and seeing if that helped any.  I can use dry erase on laminated stuff just as well as a transparency.

How do you manage work for absent students?  What do you value about your system?




  1. I'm looking for ideas on how to better organize absent work for next year. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Great idea about writing what was done in class that day on a transparency! Will have top try that out. I use a hanging organizer a la Megan http://kalamitykat.com/2012/01/08/interactive-notebooks/, which I really like for organization because it doesn't take up much room and is easy for students to use independently. Thanks for sharing!!