Monday, May 12, 2014


Most days before school starts there are 10+ students in my room doing a variety of things.  Hanging out, texting, working on Algebra, working on other homework, etc.  My room is the only room they can stop by in between the door and the cafeteria/gym where they are supposed to go in the mornings.  I LOVE this part of my classroom.  I love that they feel comfortable hanging out in my room when they might not feel comfortable in the cafeteria or gym.

A while ago I had stepped out to use the restroom during this time.  A few minutes after returning I noticed that someone had left a kiwi on my desk.  I knew instantly which student it was from.  He likes to do weird random things like that.  I thought it was funny and so did he.

I got this brilliant idea this evening to encourage him through the end of the year by bringing him a kiwi each day (we only have 8 days left).  I'm excited to see how it plays out tomorrow :)



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