Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unit 5 LTs (draft)

Well, here I am again, asking your advice on my learning targets!  But the difference today is that this is the last time :)  Here you go!


Section 5.1:  Graphing and Interpreting Quadratic Functions
                Standards Addressed:  F.IF.4, F.IF.5, F.IF.6, F.IF.7, F.IF.8, F.BF.1
5.1A:  I can find the intercepts and extrema for a quadratic function (in any form).
5.1B:  I can graph a quadratic function using the intercepts and extrema.
5.1C:  I can interpret the meaning of intercepts and extrema of a function used to model a situation.
5.1D:  I can calculate and interpret the meaning of the slope between two points of a function used to model a situation.

Section 5.2:  Comparing Functions
                Standards Addressed:  N.RN.3, F.IF.9, F.BF.3, F.BF.4, F.LE.3
5.2A:  I can compare properties of two functions (in any form).
5.2B:  I can describe and identify translations that determine function families.

5.2C:  I can find inverses of linear functions (in any form).

  • All but three of the standards in this unit were addressed previously in unit 2.  In this unit they are to be extended to quadratics.
  • I kind of would like to throw 5.1D in with 5.1A and C, but I couldn't get the wording right and so then I questioned whether it actually fit or not.  Thoughts?
  • I honestly feel like this was the easiest unit...maybe that's because I'm to the point where I'm not as worried about perfection as I was at the beginning...?  Maybe that means this unit is awful...?
Once again, I ask for your feedback.  I want to know what needs to happen to make these awesome for my students.  I appreciate you taking the time to read these!  Thanks, and once again remember...ALL DONE!


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