Monday, August 5, 2013

Unit 4 LTs (draft)

I still have a million thoughts whirling around in my head about Unit 3 based off of comments and twitter conversations, but onto Unit 4 I must go!


Section 4.1:  Polynomial Operations and Modeling
                Standards Addressed:  A.SSE.1, A.APR.1, A.CED.1, A.CED.2
4.1A:  I can add and subtract polynomials.
4.1B:  I can multiply polynomials.
4.1C:  I can create equations to model situations and use them to solve problems in the context of the situation.

Section 4.2:  Zeros of Quadratics Algebraically
                Standards Addressed:  A.SSE.2, A.SSE.3, A.CED.4, A.REI.4, A.REI.7
4.2A:  I can find zeros of quadratic functions by taking the square root.
4.2B:  I can find zeros of quadratic functions by factoring.
4.2C:  I can find zeros of quadratic functions by completing the square.
4.2D:  I can find zeros of quadratic functions by using the quadratic formula.

4.2E:  I can solve an equation/formula for a specified variable.

  • Do I really need 4.2A?  I'm looking at A.REI.4b, which says students solve by inspection, taking square roots, completing the square, the quadratic formula, and factoring.  Well, that's a lot, so I feel like it needs more than one LT, but not 5!  And to me if you solve by CTS you are taking a square root...would basic square root equations build up to CTS?  I would prefer 4 LTs to 5 in that section...thoughts?
  • I'm a little confused about how I can fully meet A.SSE.3 and A.CED.2 which both have graphing components when most of the graphing standards aren't until Unit 5 (F.IF.7, F.BF.3, and many others).  We will likely do all our graphs by plotting points or using technology for Unit 4. 
  • Last year when we found zeros of quadratic functions we did algebraically, numerically, and graphically all together.  I'm a little sad that they are split up here.  :(  I like drawing all the connections, but it will have to wait to Unit 5.
Please give feedback by commenting below or tweeting me (@kathrynfreed).  I really appreciate how much everyone has helped me so far with processing these.  Every time I think my brain is over-capacity with thoughts on standards and learning targets somebody will make a comment that gets me thinking again!

For those of you who have been walking through this entire journey with me, there is only one unit left!  Hang in there!


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