Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unit 1 LTs (draft)

This is a follow-up to this previous post on Unit 1.

I (finally) have my first draft of Unit 1 LTs ready to share.  I am very eager for feedback, as I want these to be as good as they possibly can!

Section 1.1:  Reasoning Precisely with Quantities
Standards Addressed:  N.Q.1, N.Q.2, N.Q.3, A.CED.3
1.1A:  I can choose appropriate units and interpret units for a given situation.
1.1B:  I can determine an appropriate level of accuracy required for a given situation.
1.1C:  I can use dimensional analysis to convert units in the context of a problem.

Section 1.2:  Reasoning Precisely with Equations
Standards AddressedA.SSE.1, A.CED.1, A.CED.2, A.CED.3, A.CED.4, A.REI.1, A.REI.3
1.2A:  I can create equations and inequalities and use them to solve problems (1 and 2 variable).
1.2B:  I can graph equations and choose an appropriate scale.
1.2C:  I can solve an equation/formula for a specified variable.

Please, please, please give me any feedback you can! (I'm pretty much begging you.)  Whether you think I dominated unit 1 (probably not) or think I totally screwed things up (much more likely), I want to hear your feedback so that I can improve them before the school year starts!

You can comment below or tweet me (@kathrynfreed) to give me your thoughts!  Thanks!


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  1. I like how you use the word "appropriate". It says that there isn't necessarily a right answer, but some may be better than others. One thing I'm learning by looking at other people's stuff is that we'll never all agree on the wording of specific LTs (nor should we I guess). But I think that our "big ideas" are looking pretty similar, I can definitely point to one of my LTs that is similar to each of these.