Friday, July 12, 2013

Organization Container

After seeing this organizer on Leslies's blog, I knew I needed one. Well, I finally made it to Home Depot and got mine! Here it is right out of the package:
And so with the dimensions from this blog I made my own labels and printed them. The file is here if you want it.

I decided I wanted green and black so I copied them onto green paper and began cutting
 And cutting
And then I got to tape (I used double sided tape like Leslie recommended.  It worked both for attaching the papers together and for attaching them to the drawers.)
And voila!  Here it is!

My favorite parts:
  • It matches the new paint in my room perfectly!
  • I feel super organized now!

Advice:  If you are going to cut them down (like I did with the big green ones) orient them at the bottom of the table cell so you don't have to cut so much (silly me)!

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