Thursday, June 19, 2014

Plans for June [Update]

As I mentioned in my first Plans for June post, I have been working with a few students in order to try to help them pass second semester Algebra.  I had three students commit to attending class Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am to 11am for the month of June.  The deal was that if they completed enough work prior to June 30th they would not have to come anymore. But that they are not to miss any days before their work is completed.

Of the three students, one student missed a day and has not returned.
Another student missed a day, but came they next and I allowed him to continue (Is this bad of me?...probably in some ways...)
The other student has been early everyday, gotten all take-home assignments completed, and even taken time to pick up one of the other students.

Things I like:
  • Few students means I can really meet their needs without excessive commitment on their part
  • I told them day 1 that summer Mrs. Freed was not as organized or well-planned as school Mrs. Freed and they would have to be patient with me
  • They are learning
  • I am making them responsible for their learning
  • We are working on growth mindset (but they don't know it)
Things I don't like:
  • I feel guilty when they don't show up
  • I did not stick to what I said about missing
  • Sometimes getting them willing to WORK at what they are learning is a really big challenge for me and I get frustrated (it is awesome when the still do though)
  • I have really had to analyze everything and choose THE MOST IMPORTANT and THE MOST DOABLE in our short amount of time.  Paring down when I already felt like I pared down the curriculum was challenging and I didn't really like it.
I don't know if I would offer this again.  I would have be decide after I have finished.



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