Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Depressing Thoughts

I'm only on day 3 and I already feel like I'm out if inspiration...I have a post I want to work on, but I keep forgetting to take a necessary picture while at school. Oops.

Prom was this past weekend.  I hate prom.  I hate that public schools feel it is necessary to put on recreational activities such as prom for students.  I hate that students spend hundreds of dollars on one night of their lives.  This only sets them up to expect a more extravagant wedding...don't get me started on the thousands and thousands of dollars Americans spend on weddings--focus on the marriage people!

Several situations lately have given me a very bleak outlook for some of my students.  I am having trouble pushing through to the end of this year because of things like this that continue to happen.  In addition, finding balance and being a good teacher are seemingly incompatible for me at this time.

Depressing post, but I guess those are my thoughts right now.




  1. I think that post is just fine, and I agree with you that the extravagance of events like proms, weddings, and whatnot set up very unrealistic expectations.

    And I'm glad that you took the time to vent about it. When we accepted the challenge to write every single day for 30 days, I don't think the pressure should be that every post needs to be some finely polished gem on the nature of math education. I spent a good chunk of my workday reviewing a lesson, and instead of writing about that, I spent most of my post writing about going to a court hearing today because that's what was on my mind. The former may relate more to the subject matter of my blog and seem like the "right" thing to talk about, but the latter is what I needed to get off my chest.

    1. Loved your post! Thanks for being personal. It's hard for me to do on my blog, but I'm trying to find ways of being more personal. I recognized that I prefer blogs where others are personal. So I took it as a challenge to be personal myself.

  2. Prom is totally a pain in the ass. So is this challenge so here are some really annoying topics for you to write about (that I would totally read)

    Favorite Book
    Favorite Tv Seires
    Best thing to do in the town you live
    What you/your partner made for dinner
    Funniest Quote of the Day
    Most ridiculous thing a person wore today
    What you are planning for this weekend. :)

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I started a list of ideas, because I found I was thinking of a lot during school. If I jot them down then I can remember what they were when I get home :)

  3. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get to this. My feedly is WAY backed up. :-)

    I think this is a great post! I too have been have tremendous trouble pushing through to the end of the year. The change of weather brings on some annoying changes in the kids and in me.

    I love your comments about prom and I agree 100%. We had 8th grade formal (seriously, what the hell) last night and I refused to help with it for many of the reasons you indicated.

    I think you're doing well! I'm so glad that you shared these feelings with us.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading a leaving a comment! I support your choice to not support 8th grade formal...