Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Car Family

A question I get asked by my students weekly: “Miss Freed, do you even own A car?"

Now I realize many of you live in a big city where the idea of owning even one car seems outrageous. However for now I'm a small-town girl and most families around here have AT LEAST one car for everyone who is within a year of getting their license.

So my husband and I seem odd for having chosen to own only one car. We rock at owning only one car. For a while it was even only getting driven once a week (did I mention our car is a hybrid?).  Lately our schedule has become much more extensive, so we take it out nearly daily. However, we still walk to school almost every day. 

It makes the most sense to walk as we live about 4 blocks from school and can get there almost faster than we can drive.

What "strange" habit do you have to justify often to your students?




  1. My husband and I have been down to one car a few times, and it is rough, especially with a small child in the family. Granted, if we both worked that close to home, I imagine it would be a much different story.

  2. I have to justify my drinking iced coffee out of a mason jar sippy cup (both to my students, who think black coffee is gross) and fellow staff (who wonder why I'm drinking out of a similar container to their toddlers).

  3. They also wonder why I make my own coffee instead of going to Dunkin!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has strange habits!