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Goals for Fall 2017

Goals with #SundayFunday

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I am expecting to have four different preps this year.  I am used to having three, so this is causing me some anxiety.  However, I'm trying to stay calm and not allow my job to consume my life.  I'm having some problems balancing my passion for work with my personal life.  My children require a lot of work and attention and so I need my work to not invade that.

I'm hopeful that with #SundayFunday I can do all this and blog some more than I did the past year!  I'm excited to set some goals for this year.  But maybe I should just set goals for first semester because that seems more reasonable.  I also think three goals would be a good starting point.

1.  One performance assessment per unit in Algebra.  I want to assess students in multiple ways, and this is something that I've been working on over the past several years, and I'm close to meeting this goal, so it seems reasonable.  However it is also important to keep it as a goal so that things are in perspective.

2.  Topical use of my prep.  I discussed this on twitter with Shelli @druinok and Casey @cmmteach and there was a blog post by Krisanna at The Teal Paperclip.  I then sat down and looked at my schedule and designed a slide for my school planner.  You can find that slide in this document which contains all the printables I will use.

One of the reasons I want to have this as a one semester goal is that I could love it or hate it.  So if I try it for a semester, I should know!

3.  My new prep is Statistics.  So I want to make sure that it doesn't take over everything, but also that we do engaging activities.  So I guess my goal there is that I modify/create something once every section (3-5 chapters).  This could be ANYTHING - notes, activity, card sort, practice problems, journal, etc.  The other part of this goal is to then blog about it.  This will help me #pushsend and demonstrate my imperfections as a teacher.  I am not a superhero teacher, and I don't believe that teachers need to be superheros!

Thanks for Reading!
 - Kathryn

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