Friday, July 22, 2016

Algebra 1 Learning Targets and Reporting Standards

I've been working on my learning targets for this coming year and linking them to reporting standards.  My goal is that the learning targets will be somewhat evenly spread out among my eight reporting standards.  I'll present them unit by unit here, but first I should let you know what my codes for my reporting standards stand for.

NQ = Number and Quantity
SSE = Seeing Structure in Expressions
ER = Exponents and Radicals
CRE = Creating and Reasoning with Equations
IBF = Interpreting and Building Functions
LER = Linear and Exponential Relationships
SID = Statistical Interpretation of Data
SMP = Standards for Mathematical Practice

I've got 10 units set up for next year.  Hoping for five each semester, but I could also probably do four first semester and six second because we have more time second semester and starting out the year always goes slow.  I'm also hoping to give a performance task each unit, but I don't have them all the way planned out yet, so that's what you'll see at the bottom of each list of learning targets.

Numbers and Units


Linear Functions

Exponents and Radicals

Exponential Functions



Quadratic Functions

Solving Equations


So this is the basic plan.  Questions, comments, concerns can be left below or by tweeting me (@kathrynfreed)



  1. Kathryn, I love how you have put this together. We have the exact same content in our Algebra 1 course, but I like how you put the units together. I am definitely taking this to my team in a couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Wow! Thanks! Let me know what your team thinks - even if it's not positive I would love the critical feedback, too.