Saturday, January 23, 2016

Checklists #MyFavorite

As I was thinking about what My Favorite thing in the classroom was I thought of checklists.  A year -and-a-half ago I wrote about why I was excited to try checklists, but now I'm on the other side of it--I have used them for a long time!


Here's a brief summary of how I have been using checklists.  Students get a blank one at the beginning of a unit.  As we progress we fill it out.  I usually project it so students can update theirs while I walk around and give out stamps.  When students have completed something they show me and I stamp it.  At the end of the unit I calculate how many stamps is 80%, 90%, and 100%.  They MUST have a least 80% of their checklist completed to take the unit test.  I enter a score in the gradebook based on what percent of the stamps they have, but it doesn't affect the final grade.

Reasons I love the checklist:

  • I helps students (and me) stay organized throughout the unit
  • It holds students accountable to doing the work
  • Students like getting stamps :)
  • Students can look back at the end of the unit and see EVERYTHING we've done.  It gives a sense of accomplishment and reminds them "we did learn this"
  • It is the students' responsibility, emphasizing that they--rather than solely I--are responsible for their learning
Something I'm trying this unit:  I added a column to allow students a section to self-reflect at the end of the unit on each learning target.  Hopefully this will help them focus their studies!  Seeing a proficiency score next to the assignments we've done will show them what they can look at or work on to study for the test.  I'll report back (but it might take a year-and-a-half!)

Here is an image of what I use and a link below to a document:

Link to Checklist in Drive (download as word document to restore formatting)


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