Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#5things I Need to Do this Week

5 Things I Need to Do this Week - All I have left of break is the rest of this week!

1. Organize Student Supplies
I need to do this at least once a semester.  I just put in an order to Bulk Office Supply, so once that arrives I can get to work.  I also need to make some new flower pens.

2. Label my tables
I want to have each seat at each table labeled (I'm thinking with cards) so that I can easily assign students a random seat weekly.  So far I've been doing every-other week, but I think my students would prefer weekly and I want them to see it be more random.

3. Plan the semester
As in big picture planning.  What can I accomplish?  I feel really far behind, but perhaps my goals for first semester were too ambitious.

4. Plan week one
This needs to happen in detail.  I know I want to do a group work task and that we will be starting functions in Algebra.  This is one of my favorite units and I've found even MORE great tasks to use with it!  I also want to rethink homework and bellwork and see if I need to make any changes.

5. Finalize Semester 1 Grades
All I have left to score is my Algebra final, which means I've made some good progress!  But then I have to do a second look through each class and make sure things look right.

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