Thursday, August 13, 2015

#5things I Like About Walking

Recently my family visited St. Louis.  We walked a lot, and it reminded me of when I lived in Chicago and I also walked a lot.  It made me miss walking a lot.  And then I came home and there was this big conversation on twitter about the #FitBoS and I was sad again that I didn't walk more.  So I just decided to walk more now, even though I don't have a fitbit and I'm using a less accurate phone app.

I have been realizing the past week how many things I like about walking.  I've been walking to and from school (which takes about 20 minutes) and other places that are closer than school.

1.  Slowing Down
Walking is slower than driving, and it gives me time to just take time.  Slowing down my life a bit is a good thing.  Having 20 minutes or so to just relax and walk is wonderful.  It is a time for me to just be.

2.  Seeing People
I've seen so many of my students just from the times when I'm walking.  Just this morning on my way to school two of my students were walking to football practice and I got to walk with them for about 10 minutes.  That's a great opportunity to work on building relationships.

3.  Feeling Healthier
I like that I have a goal and that when I reach it I really do feel as though I am taking control of getting myself healthier.  And my body feels healthier too, well, not quite yet, but I can feel my muscles throughout my body getting stronger from my walking.

4.  Being a One Car Family
We have been a one car family for a while, and I really like that we can do that.  I appreciate that we have lower insurance bills and no car payments.  I also feel that it is good for the environment because we do less driving than if we had two cars.

5.  I Don't Have to Stop When School Starts
Sometimes during the summer I start things, but I can't keep up with them during the school year.  I know that I can keep walking to and from school once school starts, and it probably won't take much more than that to meet my goal once I'm running around my classroom everyday!


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