Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exponential Functions

After our Linear Function unit (which you can find here and here), we jumped right into Exponential functions.  
Our beautiful tabs!
Our learning targets
We started by describing exponential functions algebraically, graphically, and numerically.  Here is the foldable we did.  It is very similar to the one we did with linear functions:
Foldable closed
Foldable opened
Then we did a card sort.  We did exponential vs. not exponential.

I asked them to write a reason for why each card was on the side it was on.  Also after our notes on the base and y-intercept, we went back and found the base and y-intercept for each of our exponential functions.

Next we worked on finding the base and the y-intercept.  Notes with a graphic organizer, which is very similar to what we did with linear functions:

I gave them a practice worksheet.  I thought I was really clever and designed it so that they could easily complete, tape in their notebooks, and view later...

...however I then proceeded to copy it upside-down.  :S

Then we graphed exponential functions.  This is where it because crucial to have studied negative exponents prior to this unit.

I had to do another practice worksheet like the one before so that I could prove that I was capable of copying correctly.
Practice WS outside
Practice WS inside
Our last learning target was on writing equations to model exponential situations.  I gave minimal notes that tied to our learning of linear functions (the y-intercept is the start) and the learning we had done with exponential functions.  We had been wondering and noticing that some exponential functions increase and some decrease, but today I FINALLY made it clear what causes that difference.

I did a stations activity with them.  I had a handout for students to use to facilitate the process and our discussion.  Basically I just had students go to nine stations and write the start and the change.  Then we had a class discussion over the equations.  They seemed to think it was pretty easy, which I didn't really expect...I guess I'm just an amazing teacher :)
Handout that they used to go from station to station
NOTE:  To view files click the appropriate link.  It will open in Google drive; it will not show correctly in drive.  Choose to download file.  It will download the word doc/ppt for you with all of the correct formatting.

That's all I have for now.  I don't feel much like reflecting on the unit right now, so I guess this post is finished :)  Sequences are coming up next!  (Well, actually we've started them.  Post to come after the 20th!)



  1. Wow! Great focus on learning goals!

  2. Fabulous!! I can't wait to try this out. Thank you :)

  3. I'm assuming this was a whole unit and not just one lesson?

  4. Thanks,I really appreciate your notes.