Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm trying to catch up on blogging...boy has it been too long!  I thought I'd share all the function work that we have been doing in Algebra lately.

Domain and Range:  We defined domain and range and practiced the definitions with tables/mapping diagrams to get them familiar with the words, but the main goal was to give the domain and range of graphs.  After some conversations with the Algebra 2 teacher, we decided to stick with continuous graphs and use compound inequality notation.

To help the students picture domain and range we created a foldable I have been looking forward to since I first read about it last year.  Sarah wrote about it here.  Here is where Sarah found the graphs.

I didn't like that the graphs took 5 pieces of paper.  I have 90 Algebra students, I can not copy that much paper.  I also felt like there was a lot of blank space, so I used my snipping tool and made my own version that was only 2 pages long.  I still only made enough for groups to share.  I numbered them so that they could tell which was the x-axis and so that they could write the domain and range on a separate paper.

Here are my materials:
It is still the best domain/range lesson that I have done.  I love it and plan to do it again next year.  A few things I would change:
  • There are a couple graphs I might switch out for others that were in the original document.
  • My students should be taught compound inequality notation, not just given blanks to fill in.
  • Introduce infinity AFTER practicing with non-infinite graphs.
Function/Not a Function:  At my school we are discussing different intervention techniques through a book study.  Most recently we were focused on vocabulary strategies.  I thought it was time to try out the Frayer model for vocabulary and you can see that below in our notes.  I maybe should have made it larger, but I think it's OK.

To practice determining function/not a function, students did a card sort I first read about from Sarah.  This is probably my second most anticipated lesson that I read about this summer.  Here is her post.  Here is where she got it.  Here is a link to the card sort.

Function Notation:  By the time we got to function notation, I felt as thought I had overused the copier, so I gave some regular notes.  I still tried to color-coat though :)  I used Sarah's notes (different Sarah) as a guide.  We did practice on a worksheet because I had a sub that day.

- Kathryn


  1. We just had a discussion in #Precalcchat about how domain and range should be given. I have always used inequality form myself, but I see the benefits of the other forms. (I had never known what I learned in school was called Set Builder notation).

    Looks like a great activity. I will be passing this onto the Algebra 1 teachers in my school as I know that my Algebra 2 students seem lost on the concept.

    I hope you're school year has been going well so far. Mine is going well, but has been chaotic.

  2. These are great! I've been slowly restructuring my lessons to include more deeper thinking activities such as this one. Kudos!